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The Frio River

Leakey, the Real County seat since 1913, is an area of natural beauty with spectacular hill country views. It is sometimes referred to as “The Swiss Alps of Texas”. Area elevations range from 1,500 to 2,400 feet with deep canyons cut by the Frio and Nueces Rivers.

The Frio River originates in northern Real County and, fed by springs and streams, tumbles over limestone rock to create waterfalls, rapids and pools on its way to Concan in Uvalde County. Along the banks are boulders, bluffs and grassy spots shaded by pecans, live oaks, sycamores and giant, centuries old, cypress trees.

The word Frio is Spanish for cold, a clear reference to the spring-fed coolness of the river. The Frio River has three primary feeds; the East, West, and Dry Frio Rivers. The West Frio River rises from springs in northeastern Real County and joins with the East Frio River near the town of Leakey; the Dry Frio River joins northeast of Uvalde. The river flows generally southeast for two hundred miles until it empties into the Nueces River south of the town of Three Rivers. Along the way, the Frio River provides water for a number of lakes; the largest of these is Choke Canyon Reservoir in McMullen and Live Oak counties. The cool and consistent flow of the Frio River has made it a popular summertime destination.

John Leakey came to Texas in 1847, and he was considered one of the first white settlers in Frio Canyon in 1853. The town of Leakey, Texas was established in 1883 and was named in his honor. He was a successful business man, Indian fighter, and Pioneer. Markers at the courthouse commemorate the history of Leakey and its founders, John and Nancy Leakey, for settling in the Frio Canyon. Approximately six miles north of Leakey on Highway 336 a marker denotes the site of the McLauren Massacres, the last Indian massacre in the Southwest.

Leakey has many communities and towns nearby that you can visit within a 30 minute drive. For airplane connections, San Antonio is only 100 miles away or about an hour and half drive. You can fly your own aircraft to the Real County airport. Enjoy the amazing scenery along the way!

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